Marvin Baumeister is not your average business person. He is the owner of clothing and sports shop, director of a kite boarding company, the CEO of a kite foil manufacturing company, a music producer, tourism promoter and sponsored  kite surfer. His rule in business: “If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do it”.

If it is not dangerous, foolhardy or totally nuts

Infact, if it is not  dangerous, foolhardy or totally nuts, Marvin will not do it either. He is a former professional motor cycle racer, amateur soccer player, sponsored kite surfer and extreme snow boarder.

Marvin agreed to catch for lunch at the Shorehouse in Townsville. I  gave him a friendly pat on the back as we met. Bad mistake- Marvin screamed. He then showed me his back, which looked like a five year old had taken to it with a cheese grater. “I had an accident” ……no surprises there. He proceeded to explain to me his latest business / extreme idea- a one wheeled motorized skate board which he had been testing.

“I was going a bit too fast” he said. No shit Marvin.

"If it is not fun, I won't do it"

“If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do it”

Marvin grew up in Germany , by coincidence, not too far from where I grew up. “I hated school in Germany. So my parents shipped me off to America”. I could relate. I managed to fail grade two in Germany. German teachers are tough.

He finished school in the US, before coming back to Germany. “I decided I needed a fresh start. I like sunshine so I googled sunniest places in Australia and Townsville came up. Two months later I arrived”.

Marvin enrolled at JCU, in marketing of all things. He soon discovered kite surfing. ” I loved it. Kite surfing was just starting to take off internationally, and Townsville was the best place to be”

If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do it”


Soon Marvin took on In the loop kite surfing, and began teaching kite surfing and selling kites and equipment. Eventually he expanded into his own retail outlet, Surf Skin and Ski, which now sells internationally. He expanded into music and promotions and launched SkRATCH House Production. “We have some great musical talent in Townsville. This is a chance for me to promote and help the local scene“.

His latest venture is locally manufactured kite foils  and boards.“These are designed by the absolute best guys in the field of fluid dynamics”. 

“designed by the best guys in fluid dynamics”

I asked him about his daily routine. “Usually I am up by 4.30. I do exercise and then get ready for the day. I’m usually in bed by 9.30 to 10. I sleep like a log”

He credits his energy to becoming vegan one year ago. “I started just by stopping red meat. It improved my sleep and I had more energy. I slowly stopped fish and milk, and my energy kept keeping better. So I’ve stayed vegan and I love it”.


“I’m up by 4.30. I exercise and then I’m ready for the day”

images by Jason Wolcott

His high energy life style and ripped six pack makes it hard to argue with his life style advice.  His shredded back and butt however suggests incorporating safety tips into his vegan lifestyle may improve his live expectancy.

Marvin is a busy man, soon to be much busier. He is due to become a dad this year, and he could not be happier. Good luck Marvin.