People of Interest

Marvin Baumeister – the extreme CEO

Marvin Baumeister is not your average business person. He is the owner of clothing and sports shop, director of a kite boarding company, the CEO of a kite foil manufacturing company, a music producer, tourism promoter and sponsored  kite surfer. His rule in...

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Positive psychology -“Hakuna matata”

The study and practice of "happiness" has become an increasingly important focus of philosophical and scientific endevour over recent decades.  One of the seminal figures in the scientific  study of happiness  is Phillip Brickman. His famous study 1978...

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Dr Sarah Coll

Dr Sarah Coll is by any standards a trail blazer in the field of  surgery. She was one of the  first female orthopaedic surgeons in a traditionally male dominated profession, and is the only female orthopod in North Queensland. She is a  pioneer in the...

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