About Amusings

I tend to have mid life crises at regular intervals. Usually, during these times I will find a new sport, hobby or interest. Often it turn out to be an expensive endevour. This time I’ve decided to start a blog. I am writing my thoughts and ideas down primarily for my own enjoyment and satisfaction. If you are reading this, you might consider more productive uses of you time. If you do keep reading, then I hope you find it  my blog enjoyable or mildly thought provoking. If you are not.. then …well…whatever…

I like interviewing people who I find interesting, motivating or worth while talking to. Thanks to those who have thus far kindly agreed to feature on Amusings. I blog my ideas and thoughts on psychological, psychiatric and personal development matters. I review books and literature relevant to psychiatry and personal development. These are books which I  have read and in most cases will recommend, for the appropriate person or situation. These are usually books that I will recommend to my friends or patients. 

Hopefully these sections will be helpful or interesting. I blog on new an interesting search or studies in the area of medicine and psychiatry. I will add new sections as they come up. The views expressed within this website are, unless otherwise stated or referenced, my own views. The opinions are not endorsed by any official body or organisation. The views expressed by me are often poorly thought out, not that humorous humorous and probably irritating to large segments of the general population. The opinions or ideas expressed are not designed to be offensive to any person or persons other than my grade two arts teacher, Mrs Kraft. No, I haven’t forgotten the Paper Mache Elephant debacle. 

The thoughts expressed should not be considered to represent medical advice, psychiatric guidance or a reflection of a greater truth in an otherwise  relativistic universe.  Any opinions I may express on the existence or non existence of a God have not been verified by either empirical evidence or spiritual revelation, and should therefore not be considered to represent definitive truth. If you have any feedback, you have for me, or books you would like me to review you can let me know in my comments section. The site is a work in progress and it is all my own work, so you should temper your expectations. Primarily the blog is for me, so I hope that I find it entertaining, interesting and worthwhile- Which indeed I do.