Watch This

These are some of my favourite online videos. Most of them are youtube videos or TED talks. If you like any of the authors or people featured in the videos, you will find links to their books, websites or other videos in my links section.

From Jason Headley

One of my favourtie TED talks of all time

My favourite guided meditation of all time. If you like it you can dowload his app for under two dollars. Best two dollars you will spend
all year

Brene Brown is a psychologist, and researcher on shame. If you like her talk visit her website. She has written some excellent books including Daring Greatly and the Gift of Imperfection

One of the funniest and insightfull TED talks of all time. Read his book, The Happiness Advantage.

Author of the book Start with Why.

Esther Perrel is a relationship specialist who stands out not only because of her gender, but because of her charisma and more sexual focus in relationship work. I never tire of listening to her Flemish accent.

Even better than Esters voice, is that of Ekhart Tolle. I’m not totally sure if what he says always makes sense, but I never tire of hearing him speak

Anthony Robbins is one of my favourite personal development speakers.

Amy Cuddy is an expert in body language. Some great body language hacks for increasing confidence

No reason for this link. I just find it amusing.