One of the most successful and well know personal development coaches, Tony Robbins is most associated with his early infomercials, white teeth and needlessly tall stature. His height (201 cm) was caused by an undiagnosed pituitary tumor, but his teeth and infomercials are his own doing.

He has written a number of successful books and personal development audio programs, such as Personal Power, Lessons in Mastery and Time of Your life. His success is most attributed to his ability to us appeal to audiences in large audience formats. His live programs, such as “Unleash the power within”, or UPW to the faithful, blend a mixture of charismatic religious service, live musical event and psychology workshop.
Anthony’s personal history and early development is in itself inspiring.  He is the quintessential rags to riches story. He has no formal training or degrees.

He was originally mentored by Jim Rohn, and later trained in NLP (Neurolinguisitc programming), an style of therapy he has based some of his own therapies on. Detractors see NLP as pseudoscience, bit I personally like many of the techniques, which are often variants of more traditional CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy)

Based on positive psychology and strongly motivational background, his style is probably better suited to more motivated and driven individual. He is Christian, but religion does not feature prominently in his works. He has an undeniable presence and charisma, and a who’s who of the celebrity world credit him with their success or recovery.

Personally I’m a fan of his body of work. He has a number of great audio-programs, and some of his work can be freely downloaded off you-tube and which I strongly recommend. He demonstrates a very deep and uncanny understanding both of human nature and current psychology literature. He has a website and blog which to-date remains somewhat more popular than my own.

I will try to review some of his books and audio-programs individually, but for the moment I’d recommend listening Lessons in Mastery, or one of his shorter TED talks and decide if his style is for you. His book unleash the power within is available as a free download.

More recently his focus has moved to financial matters. His latest book, Unshakable, is on my to-do list.

Due to his success and in your face style, he tends to be a polarizing character, who attracts extremes of both supporters and detractors.  Listen to some of his stuff or read his books and make up your own mind.