In my opinion, people think too much. Not about things worth thinking about, like solving the energy crisis, but about useless stuff . People spend too much time worrying  about things that really aren’t worth thinking about. Have you ever spent a sleepless night replaying a conversation you had with a person that you will never meet again. Do you spend time thinking about what people think about you, your clothes or the jokes you make. Do you drive yourself crazy worrying about thinks that are not worth worrying about, and then start worrying about why you worry about these things in the first place. Sounds like you need to learn the life changing magic of not giving a f*ck.

If you haven’t already worked it out, the title is a pun on the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” , the de cluttering classic by Marie-Kondo. This remains to this day my favourite book on tidying-up, if for no other reason than it is the only book of its kind I have ever bothered to read. I remain a convert to the “Marie Kondo” system- my under wear draw is a homage to the power of vertical stacking ) You do not need to read Marie Kondo to follow this book, though it doesn’t do any harm.

The premise of the book is straight forward- People tend to give too many f*cks, and this is not a good thing, since we only have a limited number of them to give. Living a more peaceful and calm life is about conserving them and not giving them away unless absolutely necessary. Utilising Sarah Knights “NotSorry” method for mental declutterring, you too can soon learn to live a less stressfull life and to conserve your f*cks for problems that really deserve them.

After the first chapter I was overwhelmed by an “I don’t give a crap about trivial rubbish” high that lasted for days. I swore to myself that I would never again worry about how other people were judging me, and would be carefree, living by my own rules. On Thursday I received a subpoena to appear in two weeks, and the Zen like carefree emotional state I had achieved was replaced by heart burn. The I started wondering how the Judge would judge the report I had done.  Heck, the high was good while it lasted.

The book is a modern reworking of the timeless human problem of learning to stop our over thinking and over critical mind -mindfulness and positive psychology packaged in a modern easy to read style. Think of it as “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, from the writers of Sex and the City.

I’ve received positive reviews from all the people I have recommended it too, so in turn I recommend it to you. It is a gentle introduction to personal development books and at the very least is a good conversation piece.