I like to write, however I’m not particularly good at writing. Bestselling author Natasha Lester, however, is not, not particularly good at writing. In fact, she is particularly, extremely very good at writing. Natasha was visiting Townsville this weekend and I was fortunate enough to attend one her writing workshop.

The workshop was hosted by the Townsville Writers and Publishers center, which ,if you have even the slightest inclination to write  you should visits. Even if your only aspiration is to write better Christmas cards, you will find that the writers centers an excellent resource and full of friendly and inspiring people.

Natasha is the best selling author of The Mother’s Secret and Miss Fitzgerald Kiss. If you enjoy historical fiction you will most definitely enjoy her writing. I have always enjoyed reading, but creative writing is a new endevour for me, probably indicative of some sort of midlife crisis. I’ve come to believe that writing can provide catharsis, psychological relief and emotional growth at a fraction of the cost of its main alternatives.

I would like to thank Natasha and all the extremely welcoming writers I met. Check the writers and publishers centre for regular events at  or go to Natasha’s website  for some great hints and advice on how to write a best seller.