Yes it is another new year. The New Year is an opportunity to start afresh with resolutions and new commitments. Mine was to stop procrastinating, which is why I am posting my New Years resolutions article in early February. Better late than never. Technology and research moves in leaps and bounds, so here are  Four New Year hacks which might help you  achieve your news years resolutions and goals

a) Facial Yoga

A small article from the JAMA on “Facial Yoga” has been doing the rounds of the main stream media this year. It showed, in a nutshell, that facial yoga can make you look a few years younger. Now before you cough and snigger, it is not as preposterous as it sounds. Facial yoga, is essentially just exercising your facial muscles, and exercise is a well established way to improve muscle strength and bulk. While you may well exercise regularly, I doubt that you have given exercise for your face too much thought. Exercising facial muscles increases their size, thereby reversing some signs of aging, including sagging skin and muscle atrophy.  So this year, why not stop taking your face for granted, and take it for a well needed  work out.

b) Lucid dreaming

What if you could be aware that you are dreaming when you are in a dream. In theory this would allow you to control your dream, allowing you to resolve unpleasant nightmares, and instead travel to exotic destinations with an attractive travel partner of your choice. That is the basis of the concept of lucid dreaming. Sound preposterous, but a psychologist, Stephen LaBerge from Stanford University completed his dissertation on the subject. He was apparently able to communicate to awake researchers while he was asleep through his eye movements. Buddhists have been engaging in dream yoga for centuries. Lucid dreaming might help you sleep better, become more creative and get more enjoyment out of that third of your life that you usually do not pay much attention too.


c) Laser fat reduction
If everything you have tried for weight loss so far has failed, there is a new high tech solution for your problems. Sometimes referred to as low level laser therapy (LLLT) or cold laser treatment, the principle is pretty straight forward. Instead of trying to starve or exercise those pesky fat cells into submission, a high intensity laser makes the little blighters die an quick and mostly painless death.

Take that you dirty adiposite...””

Think of it as the American Foreign policy approach to the problem. Some people are predicting that non surgical fat removal will take off in a big way over the next few years. A number of laser devices have obtained FDA approval. This indicates they are probably safe, though just how well they work is still contentious.

4) Goal setting

Yes, the rest is same old, same old on goal setting. Did you know there is such a thing as goal setting theory. Well everyone is good at goal setting in theory, it is the practical side most of us tend to fall short in. You know the drill, work out what you want, work out why, set some goals, write them down, review the goals regularly, break action down into small doable goals, reward yourself…… get bored… give up…drink some beer …eat pizza…fall asleep….repeat……………you now the rest.

Have a great 2018.