The latest Australian Journal of Psychiatry reports an association between vitamin D in mothers and ADHD in their children.  The Journal of clinical Oncology reports and association between vitamin D and relapse after stem cell transplant.  Two more  valid  reasons to visit a nudist beach to  get your supply of vitamin D.

Music therapy may not work in children with autistic spectrum disorders. Latest study from the American Medical Association showed no benefit from music therapy in a study of 364 children with ASD. Researchers are somewhat perplexed by the results. I personally was not expecting to see any benefits. I listen to my children play the recorder  all the time, and not only does it not relax me but usually it makes me very angry.


The opiod epidemic remains firmly in the American media this month. The  Trump Administration has declared the opiod epidemic a national emergency. No word yet on how the North Korean’s are implicated and who the American Government plans the invade in retaliation.

A recent study in the Journal of Applied  Toxicology has reignited concerns about the association between deodorants and breast cancer. Deodorants contain potentially toxic compounds known as parabens, which were found in higher concentrations in women with breast cancer. Parabens are also  found in shampoos, commercial moist urizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants,  pharmaceuticals, foods,spray tanning solution, makeup  and toothpaste. A good example  that, as Joe Jackson says-  Everything  give you cancer.

And finally, some good news for the much maligned and downtrodden neurotics of the world. A recent study has suggested that neuroticism may protect against premature death and increase life expectancy. Presumably because Neurotics don’t use deodorant and make up. The extra life expectancy is useful  since that extra time can help fit in  doctors appointments and psychotherapy sessions.